We offer a wide and varied selection of indigenous and exotic trees, both large and small, that potential customers are encouraged to view, with a visit to the nursery. Well-qualified and experienced personnel are ready to assist and advise you. S

Supply We are wholesale growers supplying trees of various sizes and species to both wholesale and retail clients. Please refer to our availablilty list under the Stock Lists tab for available Species and sizes. Please also  refer to our term

A site visit may be required to assist the client in choosing the right species and size tree/s for their requirements.Site visits are usually carried out by Dean Kingham, the owner, or alternatively by one of the other professionals employed at Habi

Relocation Should you require relocation of a mature tree, we could assist.  Not all species are relocated successfully, so we would be happy to advise you in this regard. Trees that are viable to relocate would ususally only be relocated dur