Literary dating back to millions of years when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, cycas (exotic to South Africa) or cycad (indigenous to South Africa) usually taking for ever to make the great stems you see when browsing through the Cycad section at Kirstenbosch  or even some of the private wine estates in the Cape.

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Eastern Cape Giant Cycad

Encephalartos altensteinii x E .trispinosus

Alexandria Cycad

Zululand / Tongaland Cycad

White-Haired Cycad

Eastern Cape Blue Cycad

Karoo Cycad

Thunbergs Cycads, Suurberg Cycad

Encephalartos natalensis
Prickly Cycad

Encephalartos natalensis Hybrid

Encephalartos princeps

Modjadji Cycad

Bushmans River Cycad

Poor mans Cycad


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